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Absolute electrics machine wiring and electrical installation

Absolute Electrics machine and control wiring

Industrial machine wiring to surge protect expensive machinery.

Connection of Machinery and other Plant

Bought a new machine and not sure how to properly connect and electrically protect it? We can help.

We've worked with several clients to ensure their investment in machinery is protected against overload, damage and electrical surge currents.

Overload and Surge Protection

Let us help you protect your property and equipment with proper overload protection. We have several thermal and electromagnetic solutions to common overload problems and we're able to consult and provide the best answer to your needs. We also provide central surge protection for switchboards.

Industrial machine wiring to prodtect and install new industrial machinery.

Motors, Starters and Drives

Our industrial electricians are able to assist with the installation, connection and programming of all electrical motor starters and variable frequency drives. We can also help program single to 3 phase converters and ensure that motor drives are properly configured for maximum component longevity within the applicable duty cycle.

Direct-On-Line and Emergency Stop Controls

Even if you're installation does not require expensive VFD or similar motor drives, we can design and install a more affordable control circuit based on simple, reliable components. Our circuits can accomplish any combination of the following:

  • General Start & Stop Control
  • Emergency Stops and Overrides
  • Forward/Reverse Direction
  • Speed Selection
  • Sequential Start
  • Interlocking and Accidental Start Prevention
  • Dead Man's Switches
  • Automation - i.e. Sensors and Timers

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