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Absolute Electrics Domestic Light and Power Electrical Services

domestic electrical house cables and wiring.

Domestic/Residential Electrical Services

Absolute Electrics specializes in the electrical installations required around the home. As registered Electrical Contractors we can supply and install just about any electrical you require in quick time. We also do the electrical installations neatly and professionally while keeping your cost to a minimum.

domestic electrical house cables and wiring.

Switchboard/Fusebox upgrades

The switchboard is the main hub of the electrical installation. Currently many homes have the old style fuse boxes installed with the re-wirable fuses. These fuses are nowhere near as reliable and safe as modern circuit breakers and should be upgraded as soon as possible.

Absolute Electrics has performed many upgrades of the switchboards and also the incoming mains cables to allow the installation to exceed current standards.

Domestic Tips (safety switch trips)

When the safety switch trips it can be a real hassle! It will always happen at the most inconvenient time. Here is some step-by-step instructions on how to try and fix it yourself to avoid having to call out an electrician.

Even though we would love to come out and see you, hopefully this guide will get you working again.
1. Unplug every appliance. It is not enough to simply turn them off at the power point. Don't forget the hidden items like the dishwasher, water pump, HWS ignition and even the garage door opener. The most common culprits are the fridge, electric fry pans and irons!
2. After every appliance is unplugged, go back to the switchboard and reset the safety switch. If it stays on, plug in the appliances one-by-one until the safety switch trips off again. Then you will know which appliance to leave unplugged until it can be repaired/replaced.
3. If the safety switch trips off again Check again to make sure everything is unplugged. If they are unplugged, you will have to call an electrician, as the fault could be in the actual wiring or the safety switch has become defective. Call 1300 247 233 for A Grade Electrical.
4. If you have multiple circuits wired through a single safety switch Turn off each circuit associated and try switching them back on one-by-one to narrow down the problem.
Hopefully this will get you going again!
domestic electrical house ciling fan installation.

Some Interesting Facts about Ceiling Fans

There are many things to consider before buying ceiling fans. There are many differences in ceiling fans, and even among the same supplier there are different options. The difference can be huge with ceiling fan prices, depending on make and model. Ceiling fans help to reduce the power bill and a ceiling fan is one of the first things people see when entering a room. So think of a fan as an important investment.


The cost of ceiling fans can vary greatly for a number of reasons. Fan motors are built differently and come in various sizes, and there are a variety of exterior finishes that affect pricing. The price range in ceiling fans is similar to the price ranges you might see in other home appliances. Usually the price differences have to do with durability, performance, quality of the material, and the function of the fan. Ceiling fan blades are made from furniture grade wood or metal, they use high performance motors, and are designed for a variety of home and office situations. All of these add to the manufacturer's cost.

Energy Conservation

Ceiling fans cool a room by creating a wind chill effect. Air moves across your skin, simulating a cool breeze on a hot day. The temperature of the room is not actually lowered, but using a ceiling fan reduces the need to run the air conditioner as often in the summer. In the winter, ceiling fans featuring a reverse direction may be used to push hot air down when it rises. This feature is especially appreciated by homeowners with high ceilings, in order to keep heating costs lower. Ceiling fans are to rotate counter-clockwise in summer and clockwise in winter.

Warranty Issues

All of the warranties are limited, covering only the motor bearings and windings of the fan. External features, such as the fan blades, finish, controls, and light fixtures, can have a different warranty. It is important to check before purchasing ceiling fans, because not all fans are created equal.

Problems with Ceiling Fans

Wobbly fans can be caused by poor installation. Noise is also a common complaint. The main cause of a noisy fan is that it is cheap. Getting a licensed sparky to install the fan will keep the warranty valid and a half decent fan should come with a 3 year warranty. Note: The warranty will be void if you cannot produce an invoice for the installation.

More Facts

A 1200mm ceiling fan is perfect for most bedrooms. For a lounge or a family room, a 1400mm ceiling fan is more appropriate. Don't forget that you can get fans with the lights built in to them, which can help with the strobe effect that can happen when the blades cut the light coming from a fitting that maybe nearby.

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