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Absolute electrics can install electrical monitors to assist with energy savings.

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Installing an electric monitor will assist with energy savings by knowing which appliances cost the most.

We offer the Watts Clever Wireless Energy Monitor - (Suitable for use with an LED output smart meter) which will help you conserve energy by showing you how much you use, and what it costs as you use it.

The wireless energy monitor is designed to work with modern electricity meters.

The modern metres have a flashing LED on the front of the unit which flashes at a fixed rate for each KWH of electricity usage. The LED sensor reads the speed of the flashing and converts this reading to the power been used and it is then transmitted wirelessly to the display unit which may be located up to 30 metres away. (The actual distance depends upon the number and density of walls and floors the signal is transmitted through). This feedback will help you take steps to reduce your consumption and save money.

The Wireless Energy Monitor will show you:

  • Your current electricity usage.
  • Your accumulated electricity usage over any time period.
  • Your estimated per hour usage.
Installing an electric monitor will assist with energy savings by knowing which appliances cost the most.

The product consist of 3 main parts - a display unit, optical sensor, and transmitter unit.

The optical sensor is mounted onto the front of your smart meter or digital meter inside your meter box. The data will then be sent via the transmitter to the display unit. The display unit will then show you the data it received in real time.

When you program the Wireless Energy Monitor with your electricity billing rates, it will show you:

  • Your electricity cost per hour.
  • Your accumulated energy cost over an hour, a day, or any time period.
  • Your estimated monthly bill.

It is important to understand - that the Watts Clever Wireless Energy Monitor is only a tool, the actual saving is up to you. By keeping the values in the display as low as possible you will save a lot of money on your electricity bill as well as reduce CO2 emission.

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